Users notified of library updates before publishing has finished

Hi, I work on a multibrand design system which has separate style, component and asset libraries for each brand.

We have published a few releases to all our supported brands recently and noticed in testing that when we hit publish, users get the pop-up in the bottom right of files that consume the styles/components before the libraries have finished publishing.

This has meant that rather than the entire release being stacked up before a user accepts it, there is the possibility that they are receiving only part of the update, which is obviously undesirable.

For context, the ‘user’ in this case was a colleague who is also part of the same Figma team that was on a call with me as I was publishing for test purposes. We were publishing a large update that affected separate system Style and Component files, so users needed to wait for the Component publish to be complete before accepting the Styles one, which was specified in the release notes for each.

When the pop-up appears, the user sees the release note, but it only contained some of the components that are in the full release. We haven’t tested this with anyone outside of the team.

Expected outcome here is that no users receive any library update notifications at all until the full publish is finished. Thanks in advance for you help!

Thanks for the feedback, @Sean_Leahy!

We’ll pass this onto our team for consideration. Don’t forget to Vote up top, so we can gauge overall interest from the community.

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