User Seat for FIGMA Professional

I already subscribe for professional . and it says that i have 3 seat left . how to set seat / user for Figma professional . i try everything but theres no user setup

When you add someone to a Professional team as an Editor, you would be automatically billed for them. 3 seats I believe means you already added 3 people and are paying for them. If you add more, you’ll have to pay for them too. You can see who has Editor rights in the team management panel.

How to add them ? i try to find the user added function but cannot find it . or its mean only 3 editor can be edited for 1 file ?

And if you have time can you teach me step by step . i try to find information anywhere but seems don’t have it

When you are in the team, use the Invite button to add new members:


To view members, go to admin view:

Check out the official documentation: