Turning off "snap to pixel grid" should turn snapping off!

This still frustrates me to no end. “Snap to Pixel Grid Disabled” should mean exactly that, no matter what type of node is selected. Apparently there is a Figma product owner out there who insists on dying on this hill. Please, someone talk them out of it!

Or at least, explain the rational, because – I don’t know – maybe there is valid merit to this decision.

Otherwise, dvaliao’s forwarded statement saying “Certain layer types (frames/instances/components/widgets) will always snap to pixel grid no matter what, so this is an expected behavior,” smells terrible.


This is so frustrating!


Just this intended “feature” alone takes up 50% of my workflow of trying to find workarounds.


Tip: use Rectangles instead of Frames

Why? So frustrating when trying to making icons. Please fix!


Just make it optional. This will please both developers and users.


Same Problem here, please just fix it quickly. Its really annoying if your willed to work exactly.


Whoever decided this shouldn’t be allowed to decide things, this is absurdly awful behaviour.

When you have settings that only function on certain objects but not others, it creates ambiguity, and creates an absolutely awful user experience.

This is NOT a feature, this is a bug


I’m having the same issue. This forced snapping makes illustration and icon creation nearly impossible. It does make some sense for frames, but it’s incredibly frustrating since the width and height of an object are still allowed to have decimal places. This means that some objects can be resized but then never aligned properly with other items.

I also agree with other commenters that whoever pushed for this change needs to be more mindful of the user experience. This issue forced me to open another app to edit the vectors, which is something I haven’t had to do in a very long time.

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This is genuinely one of the biggest issues with Figma and a huge reason why I (and apparently many other users) can’t illustrate–among other things–in this program. Incredibly frustrating and adds so much unnecessary time having to work around it. There’s no reasoning that makes any sense for why selecting “turn OFF snap to pixel” would not, in fact, fully turn off snap to pixel. Absolutely a bug - not a feature nor expected behavior.

Hello! I have this problem. Any new update on the resolution?

This is one of the reasons I have to keep Illustrator open. I can’t create proper illustrations or or icons when it insists on snapping to a grid. Sorry but I don’t have the time to waste to modify the X or Y coordinates manually.

this needs to be fixed.

It just explodes my brain. And gives me a very annoying user experience.