Teams without an owner – not able to set an owner

I did find some posts on the topic of “transferring ownership”, but that doesn’t help me with my problem.

I have two teams in the organization that don’t have an owner and I can’t manage to assign them an owner.

Has anyone had this problem and can help me? I am an organization admin and have also tried to assign myself ownership somehow, but I just can’t find a corresponding function anywhere.


Same problem here.

Why would there be a filter for this if there’s no way to assign the owner?

Did anyone figure this out? It would be great to hand ownership of a team run by an employee that left off to a new team member.

I just did something that worked…

Situation: I am our account admin and was a member of the team without an owner as an admin. I wanted to make someone on the team owner, but only had options for ‘Admin’, ‘Editor’, ‘View only’.


  1. I left the group,
  2. I rejoined again and it made me the owner.
  3. I was then able to assign another person in the team as owner.

Great idea! I tried this, but could not get it to work. I’m on an Organization plan and I have teams with no owners. I’m an admin and I was able to leave the team, then rejoin (from the teams dashboard). It let me back on the team as an admin, but still not option to transfer ownership.

Wild that I can transfer the whole team to a new organization, but not assign a new team owner.

Update: Wait a little while between leaving and rejoining. You can rejoin from either the “All Teams” list or the Admin/Teams list, but it should say “Join as Owner” – The first time I tried it just said “Join” and it didn’t work.

Hey everyone,
To give you some clarity, only an Owner of a resource (File/Project/Team) can transfer its ownership. Please note that the term Owner only refers to the creator of the resource. Being an Owner of a resource does not grant you any more privileges than an Admin or an Editor. Admins and Editors on a resource should still be able to carry any administrative tasks the Owner can.

If the Owner of a resource is no longer part of the organization. I suggest having an Organization Admin remove the user from the organization. When an Org Admin removes someone from an organization, we will:

  • Immediately remove their access to the organization.

  • Prevent the user from accessing teams, files or libraries within the organization.

  • Remove the user from every team they own. From there, the Team Admin(s) will be able to carry out any administrative tasks on the team. If there are no Team Admins, the Organization Admin will be able to claim the team from their Admin Settings > Teams tab (teams can be filtered by Teams without owners ).(More info here: Org Admins claiming ownership of teams)

  • Still provide existing Editors access to the user’s Files and Projects while they are ownerless.

  • Move the contents of their Drafts to the organization’s Shared Projects folder.
    (More info here: Managed drafts of deleted Member)

If your IT Team has access to the user’s email address, they can reset their password and log into the account to upgrade the users on any files where the owner had sole editor access. Hope this helps!