Teams without an owner – not able to set an owner

I did find some posts on the topic of “transferring ownership”, but that doesn’t help me with my problem.

I have two teams in the organization that don’t have an owner and I can’t manage to assign them an owner.

Has anyone had this problem and can help me? I am an organization admin and have also tried to assign myself ownership somehow, but I just can’t find a corresponding function anywhere.


Same problem here.

Why would there be a filter for this if there’s no way to assign the owner?

Did anyone figure this out? It would be great to hand ownership of a team run by an employee that left off to a new team member.

I just did something that worked…

Situation: I am our account admin and was a member of the team without an owner as an admin. I wanted to make someone on the team owner, but only had options for ‘Admin’, ‘Editor’, ‘View only’.


  1. I left the group,
  2. I rejoined again and it made me the owner.
  3. I was then able to assign another person in the team as owner.