Synchronize Figma to FigJam & vice-versa

Would be great to have:

  1. Paste (Import) a component, frame, etc. from Figma
  2. Make changes to that component or frame in Figma → Changes are synchronized with FigJam (possibly with a review)

Agreed this would be great.

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I vote for seeing that there is an updated version of said frame/component/etc with the option to update in Figjam with a review. When you do it for a meeting you wouldn’t have it updated but when you want to build a small flow with mixes of Hi-Fi and Lo-fi you eventually would want to update whatever now in Figma.


Would be nice if my copied over mockups can change automatically on FigJam if I made updates to them.


My team uses Miro a lot to communicate comprehensive wire flows. It would be nice to do this on Figjam and pasting screens directly from Figma are great, but it would be even better if the screens auto update on Figjam with iterations made on Figma.


I totally agree, we will keep Miro instead of FigJam for now with my team because FigMiro make it possible to do it. Too bad it is not the case in FigJam :frowning:


I agree with their position, we need to be able to auto-update in FigJam like the FigMiro plugin. One push and everything is up to date.


yes please!

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It would be useful to preserve the integrity of the components that I copy from Figma into FigJam. I use FigJam to show user flows with interfaces, which I copy/paste from Figma. If the interface is updated, then I need to copy and paste it again in FigJam and reconnect everything. I wish the component pasted in FigJam keeps it links to the main component. That would also allow me to swap the instance without reconnecting everything.
FigJam is awesome! I love it!!! :heart:

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Ao copiar um arquivo de um projeto e jogar para o Figma Jam, poderia ser possivel ou alterar o prototipo dentro do prórprio Jam, ou poderiamos alterar o arquivo original e isso alterar o arquivo que foi copiado para a Jam.

Isso ia ser bem legal mesmo. Parecido com o que o plugin FigMiro faz.

It would be great if frames could be copied into jam files from design files. Then when the frame is updated with changes (e.g. from feedback) in the design files, the frames get updated in the design jams. Wow that would be awesome!

It’s nice if we have more control on wire type so it can be more natural and easy to use. Especially, we can choose starting point anywhere on the frame edge as well as inside of page.
Synchronization between figma file and figma jam will be a great update too.

This is a really necessary feature!

I want to create a screen design specification document using FigJam.
I can copy the artboard there, but if there are any design changes, I have to repeat the process. It’s a hassle… :cold_face:

Ideally, the artboard should have the option to sync automatically.

FigJam is in beta.
Probably, everyone would be very happy if you could adopt it in the production version.

All designers are looking forward to the day when all design work is completed in Figma.

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This thread has been very helpful in helping us learn more about how we can better connect Figma & FigJam.

As we dig into this topic, it would be helpful for the team to see some concrete examples of your workflows. Let me know if you’d be interested in participating in a paid study with Figma Research and I’ll send you more info on how to take part.

You can respond to this thread or email me personally at


I kind of prefer changes in Figma to only sync into Figjam if I tell it to sync, instead of auto-sync. Sometimes it’s good and helpful to have a snapshot of a design for a period of time and not have it continuously synced.

E.g. if I’m having a meeting and using Figjam, another designer’s updates shouldn’t affect my meeting unless they explicitly want to “push/sync latest to figjam” - This is what I like about Figma + Miro (via Figmiro plugin) and would love to drop use of Miro for this.


Same here. Please make a sync between figma & figjam of components, artboards with option to choose the element of sync.


  • button that sync everything
  • small indicator near element to show possibility to sync this element to a newer version

It would be awesome if you could even change to different versions of this element, example some old versions of this screen or screen version on different branch.

This is a really necessary feature!

If this improvement costs a lot of effort, also a simple copy and paste into frames in order to replace those would be a good starting point.

Yes, a MVP Solution would be nice. Generally a link back into the original file would be also nice.

It would be really great if design files dropped into FigJam could update when the original design file has any changes made. I know when a design file is dropped into FigJam it is turned into an image but if there was any way for those to be linked so that FigJam is always showing the latest design that would be very helpful.