Survey - How comfortable are you with your knowledge of Figma as a software?

If you were part of the early adopters of Figma, (especially circa 2018 - 2020) I bet you’ll know, and can relate to how simple the Figma user interface was. I can remember the first time I used Figma, I just felt right at home. Everything just felt right :slight_smile:

But, as you all are aware, the software has evolved tremendously, it’s become even more powerful than it was, especially with the introduction of plugins. I appreciate the Figma team for still doing all they can to keep the interface simple, and less clogged. (I however fear that Figma might be becoming gradually bloated, but, this is story for another day.)

Now to the question of the day… How comfortable are you with your knowledge of Figma as a software, How will you rate yourself on a scale of 10 - 100?

If you rate yourself anything between 90 and 100, it means you know how to use absolutely every single tool the Figma software has to offer, and I’m talking design, prototyping, dev mode, etc. the whole nine yards.

PS. this rating has nothing to do with your skill, or knowledge as a designer, or your knowledge of design in general. This rating is based on how much you know how to use the Figma Software.

Now, while you’re at it, drop some tips, suggestions, that can help other designers become better users of this beautiful software.

I’ll Start.

I’d rate myself 70. Two years ago it’ll have been a 95 or something. but Figma is way more advanced now, on the design front, nothing feels strange, considering I have a background in Coreldraw and illustrator. But I haven’t had the time to master the recent updates Figma introduced to the prototyping section. especially variables and conditional logic.


to the uninitiated here is how to join two unrelated lines together in Figma

Free Resource, to tinker and play with.

Happy designing.