Suggestion: API endpoint for :team_id

+1! Huge issue when trying to create a good user experience for a Figma integration!

+1, but how to get the team id for now?

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+1 I would like to know how to actually find the team ID…

Hi all - for those looking to find the team ID

Note: it is not currently possible to programmatically obtain the team id of a user just from a token. To obtain a team id, navigate to a team page of a team you are a part of. The team id will be present in the URL after the word team and before your team name.

e.g. in the following URL - the bold is the team ID: 1002361234911901531

We absolutely need this kind of endpoint, it’s crucial to allow us to build great integration with Figma. Please, keep us updated !

Still no word from @Figma_Support on this one. The API is not really that usable if we have to have people give us their team IDs. Right now I have to manually populate a list every so often when new projects are made.

+1 We need an endpoint to get the list of all team_id
Otherwise the rest of the API is useless as it is required.

Endpoint for listing team_id is needed very much. Please prioritise this.

Any update @figma_support

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Bumping this feature request :slight_smile:

Bumping again, the lack of a team endpoint undermines the whole API