Space bar and Clicks delay

When I try to use Pan with the space bar or some click and drags… there are some delays and the commands don’t work properly, messing around the files. I had the same issues in a iOS from work and the windows in my house. I was suspicious that enabling the interactive componentes could be the one causing this problem, but another designer from my network complaint about the same issue to me, and he didn’t enabled that tool in beta.
Hope this complication do not last long.


This is happening to me too and I’m not using interactive components. There’s a 1-sec delay when I press the space bar to the moment the command starts working. It may sound like it’s a small thing but it completely disrupts the working flow since it’s starts selecting right away instead of panning


I have this problem as well. It also happens if I hold command so that vertical mouse scrolling will switch to zoom.


Same here. I’m on a Mac

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If you’re using a wireless keyboard with a laptop, try seeing if the problem still occurs when you use your laptop’s spacebar.

The problem did not replicate for me when using my laptop keyboard.

Resolution: plugged keyboard into laptop.

It’s 2022 and this dreaded spacebar handle icon bug still persists. I can defenitely confirm that this is hugely detrimental and delaying workflow minute to minute operations. The only sure fire way is to exit and restart Figma.

August 2022 - still the same bug…