Snap text box to baseline and top of type ascender edges

Hello, I am looking for a way to get a text box to snap to baseline and top of type ascender edges.

It’s neccesary to get text boxes to be pixel perfect padding distances.

This is available in Adobe and saves a ton of time.

Hey there, so sorry for the delayed reply!

Today, we launched Snap on text box!

We’ve added a snap target to text boxes to help you satisfyingly center them around your text when resizing text boxes from the top or bottom.

Amazing! What are the shortcuts for that action?

No shortcuts. Text boxes will snap to the top of text contents when bottom-aligned. Text boxes will snap to the bottom of text contents when top-aligned. And text box will snap to top and bottom edges when middle aligned.

@dvaliao , this is not a solution for @Marilee_Sweeney2 's problem. The new snapping function doesn’t snap to the edge of the ascender or the descender - it snaps below or above it by a few pixels.

This makes visual positioning difficult and makes place only for mathematical positioning. (For example: if I align a shape and a text vertically, I need to push my text a few pixels to achieve a satisfying, balanced look.)

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@dvaliao Second that. This feature needs to snap to the edge of the decender and acender in order to plot containers accurately for devs to build.

Thanks for following up with this context!

We’ll pass it along to our team for future consideration.