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    Can’t use certain emojis (:anatomical_heart::potted_plant::orange_heart:) as they do not show up in the Figma design file. But the emojis are displayed appropriately in the Layers sidebar.

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    Anybody else having the same problem?


It’s a known limitation:


Oh I see. I guess they didn’t update their emoji set to the latest version yet.
Thanks for the fast response!

The puzzle emoji seems to be on of them that works only in the layers panel, but not in a text field.

  1. There’s been many instances where some emoji’s are rendered invisible when used as part of design. For example, :brick:

^ I can use it to name my layers and files fine but not as part of my design.

  1. Also, any emoji past like a size 18px is rendered pretty pixelated. So, I have to resort to downloading & importing .PNG for each emoji, which can be pretty time consuming & difficult to maintain.
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It’s VERY common for us to use emojis in textfields during our design/documentation process. Would appreciate having access to all emojis. It’s currently about 1/3 the time I want to use one it doesn’t work. Not a show stopper but it’s a bit irritating.


Come on! You can support ALL emojis, cant you? It’s 2021?! You can do better Figma, look at your counterparts at Notion.


Is this update on Figma’s roadmap any time soon? Appreciate knowing if we can expect this for anytime in the near future. Appreciate it!


I continuously run into this over and over. You can use all emoji in layer names, but not on the actual artboard. Super frustrating, please make this more of a priority!


+1 for supporting Emojis. We use them in various text fields, and really need to be able to display them.


I picked the :brain: emoji from the Figma Emoji Picker and it came up blank in my text field, which makes me very :pensive:


Exactly which emojis work inside a canvas (text object)? Because every one I try shows blank. Thanks!

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I discovered that emoji don’t display inside of components or component instances. They work fine inside of a stand-alone text component. Does anyone know a workaround for making them display inside of components? I’m working on a project that doesn’t allow me to break components.


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I too am looking for a workaround or implementation of this feature. Thanks!

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plz! i love emoji! the world loves emoji! :pleading_face:

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This is so F annoying. Nothing ever works in this S.

@Figma_Support, now that comments are far more functional, could you please support more emojis? Even extending the existing sets of very basic emojis like the circles can help with productivity.


Thank you!

I feel this is a bug, I have one Figma file where the emojis show up fine and another where they are missing. Using the latest version of Figma at the time.

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This is how Figma renders the Warning emoji (:warning:). Some other emojis are also show up as webding characters. Sick, isn’t it? And no progress with it.

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@Steve_Baker Hi! Yes, I think it is a bug. Yesterday, I had many files open in Figma and one of the files had some emojis. However, when I opened Figma today, some emojis were missing (same problem as you). I closed all Figma files and a prototype window, then opened Figma again and the emojis appeared. I don’t know if this bug is a problem with the memory in my computer or if it’s a Figma issue that doesn’t support emojis when using prototypes and multiple files.