Separate aspect ratio of cover thumbnail in main project view

You’re right, pinned projects seem unable to display page colours. Tried pinning one myself and the result is the same. What I can make of this is we either accept the fact that thumbnails will be cropped, or stick with not setting thumbnails at all. Otherwise, we can only plan-out the information to be displayed on our thumbnails so that nothing too important gets cut off.

Or the next Figma update could display thumbnails with one consistent ratio everywhere, no exceptions!

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Hope this gets more visibility and maybe we’re getting lucky with the upcoming Config!

Coming back to see that the issue is still there, with the new Project view, all our Thumbnails are now somehow cropped :rofl:… The no padding fix is not working anymore.


This inconsistency also surprised me. I created a file with cover thumbnails guides and templates for multiple size (1920x1080, 1600x960 and 1280x720).

I use 1600x900 for stand-alone cover. The other two when I use the first slide of my presentations as the cover.

I was going to share it with you. But it seems that Figma fixed the problem since. Can you confirm ?