Right Side Bar disappeared

My Right Side Panel Menu disappeared! HELP! Control+\ does not bring it back!.

If the UI is hidden, use mouseclick to go to contextmenu, select “Show/Hide UI”


This is not working either

I’m having the same issue. Have you found a resolution?

This is a browser issue. So, if you’re using Chrome, switching to another browser solves it. Probably using the app instead also would do the trick.
No clue about why it happens, though. =/
Just happened with me and going with Safari was the only solution.

Probably updating Chrome should fix it.

I’m having the same issue in the browser. I can hide/show the bottom tool bar, but nothing will bring back my left and right panels.

SInce this is a really old issue I would recommend you the same as mentioned in previous comment try updating your browser. Or try in incognito may be some cache issue. Better download figma application.