Right Side Bar disappeared

My Right Side Panel Menu disappeared! HELP! Control+\ does not bring it back!.

If the UI is hidden, use mouseclick to go to contextmenu, select “Show/Hide UI”


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This is not working either

I’m having the same issue. Have you found a resolution?

This is a browser issue. So, if you’re using Chrome, switching to another browser solves it. Probably using the app instead also would do the trick.
No clue about why it happens, though. =/
Just happened with me and going with Safari was the only solution.

Probably updating Chrome should fix it.

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I’m having the same issue in the browser. I can hide/show the bottom tool bar, but nothing will bring back my left and right panels.

SInce this is a really old issue I would recommend you the same as mentioned in previous comment try updating your browser. Or try in incognito may be some cache issue. Better download figma application.

This just saved my life lol. Thanks for that. Another shortcut that I MUST memorize lol.

Mine worked when I logged out and logged back in.


Go to view>panels>show leftbar

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This happens when you accidentally zoom the browser window. In chrome, go to View > Zoom Out, or View > Actual size.

From there you can toggle the panels on / off as normal using Command + \

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