Return "Go to Main Component" in "Object" Menu in Mac Desktop and add "Clip content"

Hi. I used to use MacOS native keyboard shortcuts to create a shortcut for the function “Go to Main Component”. Native MacOS shortcuts use app upper context menus (where apple icon). You can go to Settings → Keyboard → Keyboard Shortcuts → App Shortcuts and set any key for an any menu line. Now, there is no “Go to Main Component” in “Object → Main Components” and my shortcut isn’t working. It’s so painful to use the mouse every time to click a special icon.

I use the keyboard shortcut “Go to Main Component” many times during the day. Also, there is a same story with “Clip Content”. There isn’t same menu line in Object menu and I can’t create a keyboard shortcut. It’s very frequent function.

Please, fix it.


+1, needs to be fixed