Protoype Present

I’m having an issue with the prototype preview. Whenever I select the default color that isn’t black, margins appear on the left and right sides (I’ll attach a file below). I’ve tried various tricks, adjusting the size, using Non-device mode, Custom size, Presentation mode, and the result is the same. I’m mentioning all of this because it happens when I share the link, meaning when I want to share the link with someone, its preview has margins. And to make things even weirder, after sharing, when I change the background color of the prototype, the margins disappear and everything behaves normally. I’m very confused and hope you can help me with this issue… I’ll try to explain everything visually as well. It’s very urgent, and I hope you can accommodate me.

Also, I’ve checked to see if anything might be extending beyond the frames, causing the margins, but that didn’t lead to a solution either. What confuses me the most is that when I subsequently change the background, the margins disappear, and everything works fine.

Hi there,

I understand your frustration, especially given the urgency of the situation. Based on your description, it doesn’t seem like there are any hidden frames causing this issue. I also tried to replicate the problem on my end, but I couldn’t.

Could you possibly share the file link with access to This won’t have any impact on your billing. I hope to be able to investigate this further.


I have allowed you access to the file so that you can view everything and check. Once again, I have no problem with the preview, but when I forward the link to a third party (read client), there is an issue with the appearance of margins.