Professional plan should offer more than 4 variable modes

Yeah, totally agree with @DavidDDX . It would be fine to have the possibility to buy extra modes in the Pro plan. I don’t need 40 modes and other features; it’s a frustrating and inconvenient limitation for creating multi theme design systems.

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Bump. I live and work in a multi cultural country with several languages. I have to pick 4 maximum for auto-swapping.

I’m a consultant, not an enterprise. You’re missing a massive opportunity for revenue here, and I’ll also add that as the industry takes a turn toward AI, if you make things more expensive, average AI work starts looking more cost effective.

I’m a long time champion of Figma, but this is disappointing to say the least: I can’t even SELL the capabilities to my clients, which would, in turn, mean profits for you.

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Working around the small and restrictive 4 modes limit is impossible. I don’t understand why the pro and organization paid tiers are locked to only 4 modes and we are required to pay 6x the price of pro or almost 2x the time of organization just to unlock more modes. It is incredibly enraging and disappointing… Figma needs to fix this


Just had to design a nightmare prototype because of this limitation where the need was to have 13 modes and there was no viable workaround. I had to revert to the old-school “use scenarios” instead. It skyrocketed the design time, burning the client’s budget because we cannot apply logic to prototypes. 4 modes is only useful if you are doing something simple like dark/light mode, and the price jump between tiers is a text-book example of how NOT to do pricing.

It needs to be addressed and addressed fast (and it is like this already for months).


This is so disappointing. I’ve checked this thread since leaving it aside for months and nothing changed so far. Not sure if others feel the same, but since Variables got released I did not use them actively AT ALL. I only tested it a few times but then I’ve stumbled upon this thread and the mentioned limitations. The limit is so frustrating and I could not wrap my head around that greedy business decision, that I decided to not use Variables any further because you’re simply hitting a paywall.
My team and I are not willing to upgrade from Pro to Enterprise plan (+$$$$) just to be able to use more than 4 modes.

Figma is basically showing the finger against their customers and I cannot comprehend why they are still sticking to that decision.


I’m working on Sanity’s design system, and we need 12 modes. We have 6 UI tints × 2 color schemes (light/dark).

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Also need more than four and can’t justify upgrading to enterprise for a team of 2 designers. We have a white label product so need to be able to show the product with different brands and light and dark mode. Don’t need 40 but 4 is too little.

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In many cases, companies appreciate user feedback as it helps them improve their offerings. They might take suggestions into consideration for future updates or plan adjustments. Additionally, if there is a community forum or user group associated with the service, participating in those discussions can provide visibility to your request and allow other users to share their thoughts.

I just convinced my boss to switch us over to Figma, I only have 3 designers on my team. Enterprise doesn’t even make sense for us. 4 modes is limiting and doesn’t make sense from a design perspective. It’s a design tool, not an organization feature.

I really hope you guys change this up soon.

After 5 months, I think they just don’t care, unfortunately!

Maybe, though 5 months of no updates on all for Variables could mean anything. Maybe they’re waiting for the EU to disallow the Adobe purchase, before they come to their senses.

Again though, this limit is killing me with tedium. Lately I’ve been setting up variables to allow for image heights and widths to be dynamically switchable between 12 column grid sizes at different predetermined ratios. I’m able to accomplish it, painfully, with separate sets and a switcher set—but it’s still annoying and non-intuitive for designers to do the switching.

I’m pretty sure now that intentionally limiting the modes has to be the worst decision anyone at Figma has ever made. Whoever is responsible for this limit should know that. It could even be the worst decision of their career.

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This is disappointing, to say the least…you don’t even get more modes if you upgrade to organisation. Doesn’t seem right at all.

This is silly, unlock more variable modes!