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Multiple tools focusing on retrospective meetings allows to control visibility of text written on stickies, see example from, each user is able to control visibility of their own stickies. It’s extremely practical functionality which seems to be missing in FigJam (i wasn’t able to find any plugin/widget addressing this functionality) are you planning to implement something covering this need?



I just published a widget that kind of does what you’re looking to do: See No Sticky!

Would love to get feedback on whether it works for what you need or not.

I don’t understand how this isn’t a more popular request. It is preventing our org from fully adopting Figjam. It’s not possible to have a good retro or brainstorming session without this capability. We also use metroretro (which does this well), and mural (bleh).


Thank you! definitely good first step, i think that:

  • content of private stickers should be visible for author all the time (let’s imagine use case when each participant is writing their notes in a private mode, series of stickies, they should see what they wrote on the screen)

  • there should be also switch for controlling all private notes of the user at the time (show/hide all my private notes switch)

  • in future private stickies should be controllable in similar way like other stickies (e.g. resizing)

@Kamil_Zenczykowski Thank you so much for the feedback.

Unfortunately the first bullet isn’t technically feasible at this time.

The second bullet is interesting … so a switch that hides and shows all your private stickies on the board? Let me think through that a little more. That should be technically feasible…

I’ll look into resizing too, but that might be difficult to pull off. I’ll do some research into it.

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Figjam’s biggest flaw is that it does not facilitate brainstorming using known best practices.

Multiple studies clearly show that traditional brainstorming produces fewer and worse ideas.

The divergent phase of brainstorming needs to be at the individual level, which requires private sticky mode.


Notes must be exportable. Actually any text content is exported…

Are you asking in general or specifically as a feature in the See No Sticky! widget thing I made? If specifically for my widget, what export process/format would you prefer (e.g. copy to clipboard, copy all my visible stickies to clipboard, etc.)?

The Use Case is : As a Falicitator in want that my users can made stickies on their own, those stickies text has to be invisible (and the visible) for other and at the end of the workshop I want to be able to export all stickies text as a csv.

I have a slightly similar idea for what OP is proposing:

In most cases, you’d only want to hide other participant’s content during a brainstorm.

See a proposal below wherein (only!) during a timer, all other participant’s content is obfuscated. That way, authors don’t have to manually show/hide their content, which could quickly become cumbersome.

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