Plugins (& methods) generating a Design System based on pages

Hi community

I am looking for a plugin or a set of plugins, which will suit my workflow:
When I am in the creative flow of designing pages, I tend not to think about the design system too much. In that early phase, I even consider this a massive distraction to my creativity.

Once I’ve created 10-15 pages and feel exhausted creatively, I want to set up my design system. Usually, at that time, the pages have more colours and typography styles than needed. For example, quite often, I would like to use only one instead of three similar colours. But it takes too much time to go trough all the pages.

Which plugins and methods address this issue?
Which ones are state-of-the-art now - in May 2023?


You can try this one → Style Organizer | Figma Community

Was very helpful when I needed to merge styles

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