Please let 'Clip content' exclude shadow

I want to create an auto layout carousel that has drop-shadow for each of the components while hovering.

The carousel is designed to be showing half of the last visible component, so I enabled ‘clip content’…However, the problem is that it crops the drop-shadow…This is really annoying.


Please enable a feature that exclude the clipping of shadow effects


@Figma_Moderation I can’t upvote this, not sure why. Please, add this to the list of things that should already be addressed? There is absolutely no reason shadows should ever be clipped for any reason, thanks.

Hey Dan, thanks for flagging this! The category has been selected as “Ask the community” by the owner, this is why you can’t vote. I’ve gone ahead and switched it as “Share an idea” so you can vote now! :slightly_smiling_face:

@Shengfeng_Gu1 Thanks for bringing this up :+1: It is definitely necessary!
I hope we hear new updates.