Pasted text showing in layers panel but not on canvas

I am creating translated versions of a flyer, and have successfully been able to copy and paste a variety of languages but when I copy and paste Karenic languages I can see the text previewed in the layers panel but it’s not showing up in the actual text box. I’ve tried…using different fonts that I know support the translated text, I’ve tried copying and pasting from different places, pasting styles, properties, etc. and it keeps doing the same thing. Does anyone know how to fix this?! Working against a deadline and need to know if I have to make an entirely new version of the flyer in Google docs… Appreciate any help!

Here is a picture of what’s happening:

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m curious to know if this issue is occurring on both the Figma app and the browser. If it’s just happening in the Figma app, could you try quitting and restarting the app? You might also want to try clearing your cache.

If the problem persists, could you share the original texts you’re trying to use here, or even share the file link with access to Don’t worry, this won’t affect your billing. I hope to investigate this issue further with the additional information.



Thanks for your reply- it’s happening in both the app and the browser (I tried clearing the cache like you suggested but the issue persists).

Here is the file:

I gave access to the email you provided. Thank you so very much!!

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@y_toku following up!! Any luck? :pray:

Google identified the language as Burmese. The font you selected does not support this language. So, use fonts that support this language and contain the appropriate glyphs.