Navigate to the chat room screen by clicking the chat icon found on all other screens

Hello everyone, I’m currently encountering some challenges while prototyping the chat feature within the app. Here’s the issue: I’ve placed a chat icon on 20 different screens, and I’m seeking a way to configure it such that clicking this icon on any of these screens will take me to the chat screen. Furthermore, I’d like the ability to return to the original screen by clicking the back icon on the chat screen.

The difficulty lies in having to create an additional 20 chat screens to navigate from the 20 different screens with chat icons. Is there a more streamlined approach to achieve this?

Hey @Han_phyo_aung, thanks for reaching out!

The best solution would be using an interactive chat icon component with a chat overlay and back button to close the overlay and remain on the same page. You could then drag an instance of this icon as needed to every new frame of your app.

Here’s an example:

Dear @dvaliao , thank you for your help.It works now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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