My Component instances has abandoned Master

I have been using Figma for 5 years and I am well updated with its features(I am not boasting, just trying to filter out the comments that thinks I might be a rookie).

I have a Master component variants of a list_item, with text-values, colors, images, fill, etc… I have master component of list_holder where all the instances of list_item are children. I have changed their text-values and the text-colors and images. So far so good.
I now remembered that I needed hover states, So I created a hover state in master component variants, I duplicated the component variants and just changed fill color and added prototype while hovering.

But no hover on prototype.

However, If I were to reset say any one of the instance of list_item inside list_holder, which will reset images, text-value and text-colors that I added, The hover works.

Finding no solution to fix this without resetting all my hard work I come here to ask the community.