Multiple independent strokes

Coming from Sketch, this is a must-have!


You can not add an additional thickness to the line if it is not snakes, this option can only be with an additional layer.

Thank you! Great solution!

100% - this feels like a quick win with a big impact :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


10000 % yes. Working on designs for a huge client (Mcdonalds) and need to style icons and shapes with multiple independent strokes but cant.


+1 Yes, please!! Keep checking an update on this, one of the most frequent blockers for me


This would be so useful as all the workarounds confuse developers when they’re inspecting the figma design file e.g. “why does it say this button has a drop shadow but I can’t see it”


Big +1

Someone on my team came up with a weird union boolean hack where the union group treats the stoke as a fill and you can add another stroke to it. However, this only works with two strokes on a line and not three or more. :cry:

This is a big issue for our team as we work a lot with trails on maps and used to be able to edit a single fully styled stroke in other design tools, now it’s a tedious task with multiple layers.

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+1 – This is very much needed

Adding my 5 cents. Multiple strokes are really needed!

I really wish even if this wasn’t supported, at least an offset would be. Frames in frames is a pain especially for components like buttons.

Still waiting for this, nothing to add

Still need this too! would be nice to have a proper solution than using the shadow for the strokes.

Coming from Sketch, I was honestly surprised how limited multiple strokes are in Figma. Hope this will be implemented soon. :crossed_fingers: