May be a Bug - When creating an animated component and setting a condition

My goal was to create an interactive wishlist in my HiFi mobile prototype.

Prefix: I created an animated heart component set. Configured the component set to animate between each other (3 total components). On Tap, Change to, Smart Animate, from a white heart, to a larger red heart, back to a smaller red heart. On Tap, Change to, Dissolve, the small red heart back to the white heart. The default heart, and the small red heart is connected to a local variable that exists on a separate frame through a condition. Condition is set as:

If [Dec01-Alicia_keys] is == false
Then set to True
else set to False

Issue: When pressing on the default white heart, (which animates as intended) and sets the local variable to True, it works fine. But when pressing the small red heart to set the local variable to False, the local variable doesn’t change out of its False state, and instead stays true.

If using two individual separate buttons, that link to the same local variable with the same conditions it WILL work as intended. But using an animated component, will NOT.

This is limiting for me as a designer. Could you fix this issue? I have tried many different ways to make it work. In the end, I had to use a single component which is not ideal.

Thank you.

Hi there,

Thanks for patience. Would you be able to share the screen record video or file link so we can look into the issue please? I’d like to correctly understand the issue.

If you prefer to share in private, feel free to reach out to our support team here:

Thanks for your understanding.