Marker Tool in figjam is changing what I'm drawing

I am trying to draw things (arrows, boxes, whatever) in FigJam to mark up some ideation but the marker tool keeps automatically “softening” or changing the shape of whatever I’m trying to draw. For example, if I draw a sharp-cornered rectangle, it automatically softens the corners and adjusts some of the line angles. Up/down carets turn into “u” shapes instead of “v” shapes. I drew a “filter” icon and it smushed it into a blob. This is super annoying. Does anyone know how to turn this off or make it be more dumb, and just leave whatever I create alone the way I created it? I can’t indicate the things I’m trying to indicate if it’s going to just change them into completely different icons/shapes.

Hi Audrey! Thank you for your feedback.
The ‘smoothing’ you’re seeing is due to a change on our side as we try to make FigJam as performant as possible (Reduce memory usage in files (=> covers our available memory limitations in detail, and complex drawings in FigJam are known to consume a lot of available memory on load.

We’ve heard that this isn’t working well for people at the current level of smoothing and the engineering team will rolled it back today. We will keep you posted when the fix is deployed. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!

Hi there! Thanks for your patience while our team was investigating it. This change has now been reverted and if you restart / refresh you should see that the smoothing is no longer applied.

If you still have any ongoing issues with this tool, please let me know. Thank you