Issues with copy + paste

Until a few weeks ago I could copy a layer from one artboard (Cmd +C), click on another artboard and paste it exactly on the same position with (Cmd + V). Now, when I do that, this layer disappears and it goes under all my layers, if I’m using auto-layout. In order to fix it, I have to find my layer, click “absolute position” and then move it to wherever I want it to be. What a pain! Anyone managed to find a way around this?

I have had a bunch of seemingly random issues with copy and paste over the last few weeks. The most recent one is that when I copy some svg markup and try to paste it onto the canvas using right click + the context menu, it doesn’t work the first time. There have also been situations where I paste using the Cmd + V hotkey and it pastes the wrong thing onto the canvas. I wonder if some bugs have been introduced around copy/paste lately.

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