Is it possible to upgrade a single staff member to Organization plan

Does anyone know if it’s possible to upgrade selected staff members to an above plan or do we need to upgrade the entire team. We are currently on the professional plan and would like to upgrade a few members to the Organization plan. Thanks for your help.

Hey Nicolas,
In order to upgrade to the Organization plan, you have to upgrade the whole team, and it is possible to move Editors from one team to another by inviting them to the team you need them to be on and, removing them from the team they no longer need to be part of.

In other words, you’ll need to remove all other Editors from the team you want upgrade to the Organization plan, or create a new team. Once the team you want to upgrade has the 3 members you want, you’ll want to follow the steps in the article to upgrade your team to the Organization plan: Upgrade to a paid plan.
(As a reminder, the Organization plan has a 3 Editor minimum).

As your team you’re upgrading is already on the Professional plan, you’ll see the option to move up to the Organization plan from the team Settings. Hope this clarifies!