Iphone 14 mockup

I have my prototype is an iPhone 14 dimensions. But when I use an iPhone mockup the screen is much larger. How do I replace the iPhone mockup screen with the actual prototype screen? It gets shrunken and this doesn’t make any sense to me .

Hi @Levon_Samoniantz,
Would you be able to share some screenshot of your problem maybe?

Hi Harold. The iPhone 14 mockup was from the Figma community file. As you can see, there are 3 different sizes for an iPhone 14.The 3rd on the right is my iPhone frame mockup that I’m trying to insert into a real iPhone 14, but they have provided 2 different sizes. I’m so confused. When I replace the screen on the 14 , it shrinks down but it doesn’t display it in an iPhone.

@Levon_Samoniantz just wanted to chime in since you mentioned this was from a Figma community file. Can you link the community file? If it wasn’t created by us officially, I think that’s the root of the problem.