👋 Introduce yourself!

Hi everyone! :wave:t2:

My name is Kir. I’m UX Designer from Houston, TX.


I’ll be happy to connect with you!


Hello everyone!

My name is Faizan. I’m a front-end developer from India. I am currently learning Figma.

My: Linkedin

I’ll be happy to connect with you!


Howdy! :wave:
I’m Tiago, a student from Lisbon, Portugal :portugal:.
I have a website at :globe_with_meridians: tiagorangel.com. I have been programming HTML, CSS, JS, and python since 9 years old, and learning more every day. :spiral_calendar:
I also really enjoy using Figma as a design and collaboration tool. :+1: It’s a fantastic tool that I highly recommend.

Hey Folks!

Aaqil here from Bangalore, India. I’m a digital product designer currently working in a manufacturing company Zetwerk

I also run a design agency called 11pixels. I read self-development, business, and design-related books in my free time. I also love playing games, playing piano, and watching anime.

Looking forward to discussing great stuff with the community.

Hey!! Terry here from Arkansas…I’m going through the Google Cert for UX Design…Running into a few roadlocks with Figma…any Guru’s in the forum that’s willing to help or mentor???

Hello everyone!

Im Matias, from Brazil, and just trying to figure out stuff about UXD. I left the job market a few years ago, due to massive health care issues, and decided to look for something now to fill my days and give me some new perspectives about life and maybe connecting with folks, since it seems like everybody is also struggling with loneliness in this world.

I know just a tiny tiny tiny things about UX, I just finished the coursera/google ux certificate and looking for volunteer worl to do. Maybe we could have a group of newbies helping eachother while working pro-bono for someone or some cause?

Idk, i wrote a lot. PS: The Office is the best, but DIE HARD is my favorite movie.


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Hi , I am Bartosz . I love to create in Figma . I also love to play my stratocaster guitar in free time .

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Hi Figma Community :wave:
I am Céline, I am a new member of the Community Support team (EMEA / France) at Figma! I am originally from France and I am currently based in London, UK.

Excited to meet you all and happy to be part of Figma’s community! :star2:


Welcome Celine ^^


Say hi and let the community know where you’re from, what you do, and anything else fun you’d like to share. :blush:

Hello! I’m Rob Silverman from Redbar. We’re excited to be introducing our Figma plugin soon!

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Hi all… :slight_smile:

i’m Batu @batu.uix and i’m Graphic Designer based in Izmir, Turkey.
I’ve been a Figma user since 2019.

I am working on web and mobile application interfaces.

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Hi I’m Bob, living in Canada, using Figma to design brands, websites, bluebeam stamps, and sometimes UI. I used to dance for cirque du soleil.

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Hey there!
I´m a Senior UX Designer G&P at São Paulo, Brazil. You can find at linkedin/alex.mathias

Hi there :wave:


my day job is as an SAP Consultant, working for some of the biggest companies in the world, but I dream of my own start-up, which I plan to open in 2023. I have been in the IT for 23 years and I also started with a chain of online shops, which I developed and sold. Now that the kids are grown up - I can fire up something off again!

I am very impressed with the Figma environment. If I had had this opportunity 20 years ago - I probably wouldn’t be burying myself in ABAP today. :wink:



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Hey there, I am Paulo I am Graphic designer, and I am curious to know how this community works, to help and learn.

Greets from Portugal

Hi Sergio, fair enough, and hello from Connecticut! I wonder if you might be able to help me, since you are an experienced IT professional.

When I opened Figma this morning, all my files are missing, except for from four months ago. Any thoughts?

Jenny Reed

Hey, mr Finch! I got really excited about your Text Crop plugin, it tries to fix a very very common issue, i dont know why Figma doesnt already have a built in solution. My question to you is can you (using the Text Crop plugin) make a component from a text layer that automatically updates the cropping when you type more or less text, creating more or less rows of text? Thats what i really need.

Hi, I’m figmatic. I’m a designer in San diego, California.

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