Interactive Calendar with *Prices*

Hello everyone!

I’ve been bashing my student head against this for few days now.

I am creating a prototype for a hotel booking system. I want to make the calendar which displays prices for each individual day, and once the user selects >2 days, it shows the total price for the stay.

I’ve googled and I cannot find any tutorial that involves prices. I couldn’t find any template either. I’ve posted on Reddit and was told Variables is the answer. I’ve done tutorials for Variables but I don’t quite understand how can I rig them up for that.

Here is a screen to illustrate my point: Please see the price in the bottom right corner which changes depending on which days I have selected.

Is this possible in Figma, or is this more of a coding aspect?

I would appreciate any help. I am about to give up on this feature and just write “€(sum of selected days) NEXT” on the CTA xD

Thank you.

Hey @Andrew20, thank you for reaching out!

This is very interesting task. I am pretty sure this is possible with variables and conditionals. However, I am stuck on this. I’ve reached out internally to the teams ask asked them for help. I’ll give you an update once I’ve figured this out. Meanwhile, community members can jump in as well. Appreciate your patience!

Thank you very much!

Hey! So I’ve asked internally and I got the confirmation that this might be possible with variables and conditionals. However, I wasn’t able to find out how to create it.

Apologies, that I wasn’t able to provide a design solution, but I found these Youtube videos which might be helpful:

This is a video on how to create a calculator, I think this is very similar how it works with the prices.

I’ve also found a resizable calendar template with prices in the community:

Again apologies I wasn’t able to help out with your initial question, so I hope community members can jump in and suggest some ideas.

Thank you,

@Andrew20 This example gets you close to what you were looking for.

It uses variables and different interactions to add/subtract to the number of nights and total price when a date is clicked.

Get Example File
View Prototype

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Both of those look like valuable source. Thank you very much for sharing those!

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Amazing! Exactly what I needed :slight_smile: Thank you very much!

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How did I miss this file in the community, this is perfect! Thank you for sharing @Nate_G. I am going to take a look at it as well.

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