Images with 300 DPI resolution

Can we export the images with 300 DPI in FIGMA, I tried but did not found any solution.


Is there any update on this?
So far if I’m not mistaken, by default the dpi export of Figma is 72 dpi.
If you export in 2x, it will be 144 dpi, with twice the width and twice the height.

So if you have 72 x 72 canvas, it will be exported as 72px x 72px in 72 dpi for 1x export settings, which is 1in x 1in.

And if the same 72 x 72 canvas exported for 2x, it will be 144px x 144px in 144dpi, which is still 1in x 1in.

One trick is to export for 4.17x, so the final dpi will be about 300dpi.


Figma is a UI design tool, DPI doesn’t matter here. Also it’s just a number in the metadata of the image, you can easily set it manually or just ignore it and set it to anything you want if you need it for print or whatever.

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Yes, Figma ia UI design tool, but somehow I end up using it for printing material purposes.

When you work with printing material, you concern more with actual real life size rather than in pixel.
And so far, the number used in Figma is in pixel (and snapping to integer pixel value), if you want to create for example 10mm x 10mm square, you need to create 118.11 x 118.11 px if you want to target 300 dpi in printing.
And that’s not intuitive.

it would be great if we could setup so that 10 number value in Figma represent 10mm, then in the export, we could specify the dpi, so if we choose 300 dpi, it will generate 118px, if we choose 600 dpi, it will generate 236px.

But I understand if this is not in the road map, for now I’ve found the workaround.


A matematica funciona, obrigado amigo!

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anything new on this issue?

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I was facing the same issue from a couple of months but finally after many experiments I was able to get the perfect results. It also helps to get the result in low file size without reducing the actual quality of the image.

Let’s take an example of an image designed in a square frame with (1080 x 1080 Pixels) size.

1- Add a frame of (1080 x 1080) in Figma
2- Export this frame in 4x (It will increase the dimensions to (4320 x 4320 Pixels)
3- Now open Adobe Photoshop
4- Make an artboard of (1080 x 1080 Pixels) with 300 Resolution
5- Import the image in Adobe Photoshop which you exported from Figma
6- Export this image from Adobe Photoshop in 1x or “Save for web legacy with
100% Quality”
7- That’s it.

It will not only help you to maintain the exact quality of the image in HD but it will also help you to reduce the image size as well. Hope it helps :slight_smile:


In the scenarios where we’re using Figma in place of Photoshop - this would be a wash of a workaround.

We know Figma is for UI, but people are using this as an alternative for digital designs (marketing materials) - including big-time companies.

Hope Figma adds resolution options. It’s a great alternative for certain programs these days, esp because of the interfaces/sharing features and if you’re on a budget.

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