If my subscription ends, will my project w/ premium prototyping still work normally in Prototype View?

I’m planning to subscribe to premium to be able to explore those additional features.

But what if my subscription ends? What will happen to my project if I view it on Prototype View? Given I have used premium features like changing variables, conditions, etc.

I just want to know If I will still able to view my prototype normally in Prototype View, and if those premium prototyping tools will function or not.

Hi there,

Thanks for considering a paid plan. I understand your concern and checked with the internal team. You should be able to continue viewing the prototypes even after you end the subscription. If you have more than 3 files when you’re downgraded, Figma will prevent you from being able to edit your files. However, you can still keep viewing the prototypes.

I hope this helps. If you have further questions, please feel free to post again!


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