Hyperlink to version history

I want to create a link to access the version history. I have a TextNode with a hyperlink that has this information in it:

textNode.hyperlink = {
    type: "URL",
    value: "https://figma.com/file/{ID}/{NAME}?version-id={VERSION_ID}&node-id={NODE_ID}",

This works when clicking “open here instead” in the browser, but when opening the app, the link doesn’t work. The history doesn’t open at all.

Any help?

Version history links have been broken in the app/browser sometimes for as long as they existed. This is not an API issue, this is a general Figma / desktop app issue.

Thanks Gleb, you are right. But I think the problem is in the hyperlink target.

“The HyperlinkTarget is automatically converted to the "NODE" type.”

The “URL” prop (with the history link) gets changed to “NODE” instead.

Maybe as a workaround you can link through my Figma link shortener?

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I noticed that when you open the link in the browser, in the urls adds the parameter “t=”, like: t=5Qzxo9swkoMgIhLa-0

Do you have any idea what that is?

Thanks for your help! :heart:

This is a recent addition, I don’t know what it is, seems like some tracking stuff.