How to get the typography's name

I’m currently creating a codegen plugin and I need to get the , here is what I mean by “typography’s name” in edit mode:

I can get all the other data but not its name, which is what I actually need :smiling_face_with_tear:

Get the name of the text style.

Thanks for the quick reply but they are not actually the same, name seems to refer to the node’s name as seen above the node and in the console ( on this screenshot:

But i’m actually looking for the typography’s name, Desktop/Headings/H4 in the screenshot

It’s because you didn’t get the style. To get the style you need to use the getStyleById method.

Oh I see, thanks a lot!

For anyone stumbling upon this issue, here’s a minimal example:

figma.codegen.on("generate", async (e: CodegenEvent) => {
  const node = e.node;

  if (node.type === "TEXT") {