How much media / photos slows down a figma file?

Just wondering which path is faster and how large images impact speed of a figma file and processing times.

We have multiple soccer games captured with tons of photos, sometimes 3,000 px wide to 4,000 px wide [ high-res ]

Which of the two solutions is best for speed and workflow
Path 1 / Create a NEW Page in the project and bring in ALL games for that one team, this could be as much as 10 games total, anywhere from 100 to 200 images in total.
Path 2 / Create a new Figma File JUST FOR each teams games, and browse this project and when you find the photo we want to use in a design, COPY and PASTE it into our main Design System figma file?

My worry is that with so many huge image files inside the main master figma file, it will slow down the processing and buffer times will lag due to so many images needing to load up INSIDE that project, where as path 2 may to give us that issue [ If I’m understanding how figma could slow down due to so many objects inside a file / page / frame ?

Thanks for any input