How do I stop links from linking back to a template file when creating duplicate files?

Hi! :wave:

I’m working on our agency’s design system and I’m having trouble with links when duplicating our template.

The way our system works is we setup a template file that then gets duplicated and updated to match the brand aesthetic of each client project.

In the file, I’ve included documentation for performing certain actions like “how to update color variables” where I link to other frames within the file.

The problem is when I duplicate the file, all the links point back to the template file, but I would like the links to stay contained to the new, duplicated, file.

Is there a way to ensure that my links stay local instead of linking back to the original file?

Hi Logan_Kees! Sorry to hear you are having trouble with duplicate files.
Hmm, this looks weird, we are not able to reproduce it. If you link to a frame and duplicate that file, the links should be relative.
Could you share some more information on the workflow for duplicating? We tested out a few different examples and they all seem to work.