How do I keep something like an apple iPhone status bar on top of my design at all times?

Hi All, I am trying to design/prototype a swipe-out menu however when it slides out it covers the top status info (iPhone time, service and battery etc) is there a way to keep this bar visible no matter what’s on-screen?

Sorry if this has been asked already I couldn’t find any answers although I’m assuming this is simple to do.


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Hi Reece, if you want the layer to stay in the same position, even when scrolling, check the box next to Fix position when scrolling. Hope this helps!

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Hi Gayani, I have tried this and had no luck. Essentially what I’m trying to do is have a menu which slides out from the side with a swipe however when the overlay slides out it covers the menu bar. Does that make sense?

Here is a video of the prototype demo as you can see as the menu comes out it covers up the time. Is there a way to fix that?

Hmm I’d recommend here to contact support and share your file. They can take closer look into this.

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