GIF Content is not detected as GIF

I believe this is similar to a bug reported here: GIFs not available in the API - #5 by Gleb

I’ve also highlighted it in the Figma Developers slack here: Slack

Reiterating it here for ease of context.

I’ve recently discovered a bug where where existing gif content isn’t being detected as a gif, and they do not play in prototype mode. I’ve managed to successfully reproduce 3 different scenarios for this bug:

  1. Copy the source asset (it was previously detected as a gif, but now is an image) into a fresh file + frame. It is detected as a gif, and plays as a gif, as expected.
  2. Copy the source asset into a fresh file + frame. Paste the asset in, again. First target is detected as gif, second target detected as image. Both play in prototype mode (consistent with the UI bug reported).
  3. Following up from scenario 2, if the FIRST TARGET is removed, the second target no longer behaves as a gif.

Same issue happens when it’s done programatically with createImage , whether it’s with a new fill or a copied one, which is causing issues with plugins sometimes inserting gifs as an “image”.

Videos showing reproduction steps is available in the slack message.


yes I’m having the same issue :frowning:

I noticed that if I copy paste a frame with a gif in it then in the pasted frame the gif does not work