From screen size 1440 to 1366

Hello Community ,

I’m a junior web developer and new to figma. I have a figma design for a website made for 1440px screen size.

I want to convert this design to a fully functional website by converting figma design to HTML/CSS.

My screen size is 1366x768.

My question is :

Is there anyway to convert the design from 1440px to 1366 so I can get the exact sizes for all componants inside the desgin?

My first though was to reduce every size by 6% which is the different in size between my screen and the design , but this will get me into lots of calculations and will take time.

Is there any function in Figma or plugin which can do this conversion from 1440 to 1366?

You want the design to be responsive, not shrinking everything at the same time. Talk to your designer and they will give you a better idea which parts should be modified.

@Null_Zero I wanted to ask you if u=you have the solution of the problem now because I am having the same problem and I wanted to ask how you handled the situation

Hello Hunter ,

Open your design in Figma , then select the frame then press letter k to use the scale built-in tool in Figma and set the width to required value ( 1366 in my case).
Please attached photo