Frames numbers increase to 4M suddenly

Hi guys, since yesterday our Figma is extremely slow for all on the team, and the other thing that might be related is that suddenly frame names have changed from 9,000 to 4M.

Are these two any related? Do you know why this increase happened? How to fix it?

Hi @forough_foroughi,
You can toggle the resource use information in your figma file by using the quick menu ( mac: ⌘ Command+/ or Control+/ on windows ) an then type “resource use”. It should display some information on the top left corner as shawn below
One represente the number of item in your file the other in the ram used. This will gave you some information about why it’s laggy.

You can also take a look at this documentation for some good practices so your file do not become to slow :

Hi @Haroll ,
Thank you so much for your helping reply!

I checked it now, but it seems that I haven’t passed the resource use: 0.35G

Do you think this frame name changes may be any related? (frame names were like “frame 9,327” and the next frame is named as “frame 4,123,600”. I don’t understand why this happened? And if this name change is related to slow performance?

Looking at the number of layer you shared, having a frame 4M does not seem to be logical.
I do not think it’s related because missing frame between 9k and 2M would show up somewhere and its not your case.

frame name in Figma will incrase according to the previous one.
For example if you create a new document and add a Frame it will be named Frame 1, but you can rename this frame by Frame 2387487234 and the next frame you will add to this file will be Frame 2387487235

Having 200k layers could make your file seems lagy through certain computer tho’. If this is the only file you and your team where experiencing slowlyness, I’d suggest to take a look at resource use from other files so you can compare and see where is your threshold and then break up your file into smaller one (if possible).

You can also try to record a session using chrome devtool and send it to figma technical support

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