Font Family As a Variable

Variables are one of my favorite things in the latest version of Figma. However, one thing that I would love to see is to be able to make the font family that all of my font styles are based off of a text variable.


Picture this scenario: You create a bunch of reusable components in a “Design System” style repository. Then, you create a new file, or duplicate a template file, and link the “Design System” library to that file. However, this site design is for a different company, and you need to change styles. You can now set the color styles to be pulled from a variable, which works great. However, when you try to replace the Design System text styles with the local text styles, it doesn’t work, because since the Design System Library is now linked, all of the text styles are now included in that document.

Hey @Rod_Christensen, thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto our Variables team for consideration.


I like this, but not as a text variable. I would like to define a specific font family variable that I can then use in styles to define the different sizes and versions. So that let’s say the client changes their mind and wants to change the whole font family and test it out. Instead of having to change it for each text style individually, I could just change the font family in one click for headings and text etc.

Do you have any solution about changing fonts dynamically. Any work-around? until we will be able to add them in variable panel :slight_smile:

@Marios_Avraam - My suggestion would be to implement bool state variable modes to toggle visibility of label frames containing the text assigned to the font style you want to use…

Meaning when you switch modes, the visibility of the frame containing the label in the font you want seen would be toggled on or off accordingly.

This is obviously less memory efficient, as it means you have x number of hidden label frames at any given moment, but is a good enough work around for now until we get more control of font related matters directly through variables.

I do agree @dvaliao for design variante and native mobile creation the font-family could be soooo great to have as variable. Any idea when it could come out?