Figma stuttering while drag, move, zooming, etc

Hi there! I’ve seen this thread in the community before but it was not answered by the Figma team or anyone else on how to solve this issue, so I would like to point this out and ask for some help on solving this. I’m using powerful machines for my work (desktop - MacMini / laptop - Dell XPS 15 2022 model) for all the designs, etc. I noticed that when moving things around the Figma space while working with designs, and prototypes, things get a stuttering effect, and this is really irritating to work with, so I would like to know what the solution to remove this stuttering/slicing effect would be? How did anyone solve this issue? The hardware is powerful so that shouldn’t be the problem since I have no issues at all in PS, IL, Blender, etc… Please let me know how to solve this. I’m using Figma desktop app with the latest updates for November 2022.