Figma File Version History greyed out

I cut a lot of frames out of my Figma file on my macbook (using cmd+X) and tried pasting to another Figma file, however the frames didnt copy and Figma showed an error that the file needs to be opened in recovery mode.

What I did next was a mistake, that is I got distracted copy pasting something else on the macbook and therefore lost whatever was on the clipboard.

Now, I neither have those frames on the clipboard nor in the original Figma file where I cut them from.

I went to the “Version History” section for this file and sadly am only able to see 2 auto save versions. There are a few others that are showing below, but theyre greyed out. Can someone please help me recover the old versions, it was a lot of work!

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Hey Saumya, can you confirm if your File is on a Team? If your File is still in your drafts, it may be that this is the reason you aren’t able to access the Version History.

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Gayani and Figma Support Team have correctly pointed the issue out.

If you need to access you full version history, simply move your file from drafts to “Team” and the version history will again become available to both view and restore. (Please note this will only work if you have a paid subscription with Figma)

Thanks for your response, I also spoke to Figma support, updating on this post now :slight_smile:

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