Figma community is a wild west of rubbish and abuse. is it ever going to be moderated and cleaned?

It’s such a sad state of community (not this community but Figma “Community” that’s in the Figma app itself.)
Months ago I wrote about myriad of “draw-a-square-and-publish”, child drawing level “designs”.
There’s less of them now but not because they are moderated, but because now there’s thousands of “draw a square, call it an input field and publish” designs. where people spend more time on cover than design itself.

And now shameless abuse spirals out of control:

Hey @Romanr thanks for bringing this to our attention. For users who are clearly violating our Community Guidelines please report them so our team can take the proper action here. Our team is focused on improving the overall quality of published resources (files/plugins/widgets) so any and all feedback like this definitely helps. :slight_smile:

Are there certain things you’d like to see more of in the Figma Community? Would love to hear more from you on how we can do better here.