FigJam Presentation Mode

Reopening a thread for interest in a presentation mode in FigJam (here’s the original thread that’s now closed).

Of course someone can follow a specific user as they zoom and scroll through a board, but the viewer experience–especially for those unfamiliar with FigJam–could be improved if a specific presentation mode existed. Thinking similar to Miro’s, which would mean also needed to add “frame” elements to be able to have it function like a slide deck.


There is definitely a need for presentation mode in FigJam, which will not show any actions when an element is selected.

It is very annoying to see the action-toolbar popping up every-time some element is selected, whereas the motive was just to highlight that element while presenting to someone.


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This would be very useful for sharing the results of FigJam collaboration with stakeholders.


We use FigJam for workshops. Often we want to explain a few things and a way to have it react as a presentation tool for a bit would be very welcome.


Really would like this feature. Now I have to go to Figma Design to make presentations, but it’s a bit exclusive to only people in the team who can use Figma Design. Many more people know how to use FigJam (or can quickly learn).


Super keen to see this. Till then any presentation plugins perhaps?

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@Lincoln_Mitchell The plugin I’ve found is called Flyover

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We need this feature!!!



We are currently thinking to migrate from Miro to FigJam, and one of the things that I do a lot as a researcher is to present findings in a compelling way and a presentation mode is perfect for this as other distracting elements (such as the tools bar) or the grid are hidden away.



Please add this feature or just add the keyboard shortcut like Figma, let users can quick move to next section

This would be a very useful feature.

Yes please - miss this so much!

Do you know if anyone figured out a workaround? I was thinking of embedding a figjam section or something into a Figma file. I’ll try “the FlyOver plugin” mentioned. But, I’d LOVE this feature!

My use case: get my trio all in one spot (one source of truth) and present nicely to stakeholders WITHOUT PowerPoint.

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Thank you all for your feedback!

We expected FigJam to be used primarily as an online whiteboard for meetings, brainstorms, diagrams, research, etc. But we’re so happy to hear it’s potential is reaching past our initial imagination.

We love hearing that you want to be able to present from FigJam, and we’ll pass this idea along to our FigJam team for future consideration!


I just tested the Tour Guide plugin. This is great for getting some of the Miro presentation mode features mentioned here, in figjam.

I found that using a frame in 16:9 proportions with screen designs overflowing worked well for both navigating a presentation (zoomed in) and panning around the board (zoomed in / out) and going back and forth between the two with arrow keys or the Tour Guide UI. In this case some objects can fit a wide screen frame while others don’t, such as presenting upfront content and then screen designs in from the same figjam.

(I did not test Flyover because it has limits on the free version.)


Hi @dvaliao,
We really need this features.
Figjam is used to braimstorm, research…but at a certain point, you need to present the result.
Miro presentation mode is great for that!


I would love a presentation mode in Figjam. I’ve tried using Miro but since they don’t allow custom fonts using Miro to present to clients often is a no-go (I know there’s google slides but I’m not a huge fan).

I really would love to try and move myself (I’m a strategist) and my teams out of keynote (or ppt) and use tools like Figjam to present (I’ve used Figma Design but it’s much more laborious).


Please yes - so needed! I often get the feedback while presenting in Figma that people are “dizzy” from zooming in/out and trying to get the right objects in frame. It’s badly needed. Miro had a nice feature like that where it smoothly transitioned between frames. What didn’t work about the Miro feature was that you couldn’t easily figure out what order it was choosing to show the frames in.
Would be great to have a way to customize the order and size of areas that you could transition between smoothly.