FigJam connectors in Figma

Dear Figma, did you hear that phrase? :worried:

“I just stopped creating flows in Figma because it is such a pain.”


I’ll tell you right now that 9/10 times I see developers picking up design tools to try and express an idea… It starts with a flow diagram

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I gave my vote on this one. This is a feature I would start to use day one.
FigJam is great for iterating ideas of flows, but once your flow is “done” you want to have it next to everything else for the developers in Figma.

I would want a flow or onboarding mode, to tell about the intended user journey. :kissing:

hello, 2 years after a popular and ongoing ask has been suggested, I’m just here to ask for the same thing again.


Hey Figma, stop artificially creating the demand for FigJam by refusing to embed its features in Figma. Your experiment worked. The people need what FigJam offers. Now it’s time to integrate it into Figma.

I’ve been forced to use miro in a couple of projects now. After some hesitation it really grew on me. Especially drawing connections works like you would expect it to. This really feels like 4 years ago, when I was force to use Figma and fell in love.

Dear Adobe, Please don’t tell me it’s time to move on…