Fairly new to figma, how do I figure out this problem? More info in the post

Hello there, I’m a design student currently learning ui/ux design. Been using Figma on and off but right now I’m committed to fully learning it. With that said, here is my question:

How do I make this home bar visible while still being able to scroll the feed posts without overlapping it? I hope I’m making sense.

Method I tried:
Tried using the clip content function but it still overlaps the home bar

Hi @Kyle9

You may use auto-layout to restrain your content to a specific space without being overlapped by a header or a footer.

  1. Make the parent frame, view an auto-layout
  2. The feed frame need to take all the remaining space, for that you can set its height to fill
  3. Because the feed’s content might overflow, don’t forget to check the clip content (below the frame’s width and height definition)
  4. Then you may go to Prototype Panel (Shift+E) and specify the overflow behavior to be set as Vertical. Step 3 and 4 will tell the feed to mask anything that overstep its size and that this frame can scroll vertically

Let me know if it helped

Thank you for answering @Haroll !

I’ll try this out later after class. Thank you!