⌘+F for Search in Home page in Figma App

Hello guys!
The hot key cmd+F for Search works on File but doesn’t work on Home page.
Please, make hotkeys more consistence.

Thank you.

Hey @grinn.ux, thanks for the feedback!

This seems odd… :thinking:

We’re able to successfully use Cmd+F as expected on the home page in browser, but not on the desktop app. We’ll pass this onto our team - thanks again!

Hey @grinn.ux,

Our team confirmed that ⌘F was only designed to work inside of Figma Design and FigJam files, but not the file browser.

They appreciate this feature request though, since we could catch ⌘F and use that to trigger search behavior in the app. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for our future releases.

Thank you!

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