Enhanced Feedback Management through Comment Grouping in Figma

User Story:

We want a feature in Figma that allows us to group comments by specific feedback sessions,

So that we can manage, review, and address feedback more effectively and maintain a clear and organized workflow in our design projects.

Feature Description:

  1. Group Creation: Users can create multiple ‘Feedback Groups’ within a Figma file. These groups are customizable and can be named according to the feedback session, topic, or any other relevant categorization.

  2. Assigning Comments to Groups: When adding a comment, users have the option to assign it to an existing Feedback Group via a dropdown menu in the comment interface. They can also move comments to different groups as needed.

  3. Viewing Grouped Comments: A new panel in the Figma interface allows users to view comments by group. Selecting a group will display all the comments associated with it, providing a focused view of feedback related to a specific session or topic.

  4. Group Management: Users can edit the name of the Feedback Groups, delete groups, or merge them. This allows for dynamic management of feedback as the project evolves.

  5. Notifications per Group: Users can subscribe to or mute notifications for specific Feedback Groups, giving them control over the type of feedback they receive alerts for.

User Flows:

  • Creating a Feedback Group: When a new feedback session is planned, the team lead can create a new group in Figma named after the session. This could be done through a simple ‘Add Group’ button in the comment section.

  • Assigning Comments: During or after the feedback session, as comments are made, team members can easily assign their comments to the relevant group, ensuring that feedback is immediately categorized and organized.

  • Reviewing Feedback: After the session, the team can select the specific Feedback Group to view all the comments related to that session, streamlining the review and action process.

  • Managing Groups: Post-session, the team lead can rename, merge, or delete Feedback Groups to maintain relevancy and clarity in the feedback management process.

This user story and feature description aim to capture the essence of a structured, efficient, and user-friendly way to manage feedback in Figma, enhancing collaboration and productivity in design projects.

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Thank you Matthias for your detailed feedback on Comment! We’ll pass this onto the team for consideration.

It’ definitely needed!