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Edit the space between items (paddings) in auto layout independently

Really don`t like the approach that I need to create a lot of additional auto-layouts just to have different spacing between components. I guess Adobe XD have a more convenient way to do it.


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Auto layout is a great feature that saves a lot of time and the Space Between Items field allows you to quickly update spacing. However, I often work with stacked layouts in which the spaces between certain items are not all equal. In this case, the only option is to create another nested frame and another auto layout. This can result in many nested auto layout frames which becomes difficult to manage. For example, I often need to create a whole new frame and auto layout to accommodate a header which sites above a set of equality spaced cards in a stacked view.

It would be great if we could edit the space between items in an auto layout independently. Adobe XD handles this by allowing the user to click on the space between elements and drag up or down to adjust the amount of space. Then the user can reset to equal spacing by entering a value in the Space Between Items field.


That’s only of the few things I miss from Adobe XD. Would be great if Figma had this feature.

I would add the possibility to enter negative spaces, so we can simulate negative margins used in CSS.

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This would be a great feature enhancement to auto layout.

Would also be great if you could use fractional units too, not just pixels.

I want to use auto layout with vertical direction and have all components with horizontal padding of 40 and a few components with 0 padding. Additionally, I want to be able to scale the parent frame horizontally (different device sizes) – in a way so the components preserve their paddings (0 and 40). I don’t see an easy way to do it. Why constraints are not available to children frames of auto-layout. Am I missing anything?

P.S. The solution to this would be to do everything with 0 padding and add 40 paddings to the majority of component. This creates a lot of complexity when dealing with layers. I would love to find an easier solution.

@tank666 You merged my issue with this discussion. However, I would love to suggest a different solution.

In the case of the vertical auto-layout I would love to be able to set a fixed width of child element and also be able to add “left and right” constraint. This way the child element would scale horizontally with the parent element.

@Pawel_Sysiak, I opened your topic. Thanks for the clarifications.

This is so annoying :frowning: