Does all members need to verify education account?

I am a designer, and have a verified student account.
I am collaborating with developers who are already graduated from their college, so they cannot make verified education accounts.
They do not need to edit my Figma design but only need to view the design.
In this case, is it okay to continue using Figma plan like this? Or, is there any difference (restricted features) in collaborating with developers?
Many thanks in advance.

they need to verify their account only if you adding them to your team , but as long as they are viewers it will work fine

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Thanks for the quick reply!
You mean, even though they are asked to verify their account (since added to my team), there won’t be any restriction as a viewer & with dev mode (not verified). Right?

As far as I know, yes because as Figma plans says “you only pay per editor”

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